Hi all

Reminder the above competition held @ BRECKLAND LEISURE CENTRE, CROXTON ROAD, THETFORD

This event is for BJA or affiliated licence holders. All players will be matched by weight and grade in pools of four, where possible

Group 1 Players born 2006 to 2009 aged 8 years and over, novice to 6th mon

Group 2 Players born 2001 to 2005, aged 15 or under novice and above

Group 3 Players holding a senior licence novice to 2nd Kyu

roup 4 Players over 30 years novice to 2nd Kyu

Group 5 Players holding a senior licence 1st Kyu and above. There is a Dan grading following this event.

Group 6 Players over 30 years 1st Kyu and above.

This is a Developmental Tournament and coaches/parents are asked not to enter junior players who have taken Gold or Silver in a National Competition and seniors who have finished in the top 10 of the British Rankings in the last 2 years

This is a Level 3 points scoring Tournament BJA rules will apply throughout, the decision of the tournament director will be final.

Closing Date 5th June 2017

 I need replies by Thursday 25th so I can submit entries before this date.  Weights will be done this week or please supply via text / email

 Entry Fee £12.00

Weigh-in Group 5 & 6 – 9.00am to 9.30am

Group 1 & 2 – 10.30am to 11.00am

Group 3 & 4 -11.30am to 12.00am

Also we will be open as normal during half term next week!